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Importance of Early Childhood Education

Early experiences have a lifelong impact on children's physical, emotional and social health. These experiences from birth till the age of eight years is when the architectural framework of the brain is established, which determines interactions, behaviour and health.


In particular, the time between birth and age three is a period of rapid brain development when billions of connections between individual neurons are made. A young child's mind brims with innate potential, and the early years present an invaluable window of opportunity to pave the way for success in primary school and beyond.


The experiences children have early in life play a crucial role in the development of the brain. Exposure to positive factors, especially stable and responsive relationships with parents and other adults, and safe and supportive environments promote positive development. Quality early childhood education creates a positive learning trajectory, nurturing their growth and development. 


This understanding has paved the path to the curriculum at Preppy and how we function. We are committed to placing respect at the forefront, recognising that each child deserves their own space and the freedom to progress at their own pace while constructing the core of their personality.

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